General Consulting

General Consulting

General Consulting

General Elevator Consulting usually includes but is not limited to New Construction, Service or Repair, Modernization, Contract Review, Invoice Dispute, or other Elevator Management needs. The service offerings provided below typically meet the needs of most of our clients and are comparable to the best practice services within the Vertical Transporation Consulting market place. Please review the service options below and contact us to schedule a consultation.

Equipment Assessments

Equipment Assessments provide all-encompassing visibility of the condition of your equipment. The detail provided from our documented analysis equips the Ownership Group with the visibility needed to make concise decisions related to the specific needs of each device. Our assessments incorporate the requirements and standards of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers known as ASME. ASME is the entity that selects and maintain authority of the elevator codes for vertical transportation. Our assessment not only includes thorough review and detail of every major component of your device, it also covers ADA Compliance, and provides detailed documentation and strategy on corrective options to move forward.

Service Assessments


Service Assessments are designed to reveal the existing standard of the services provided from your Elevator Contractor. We provide quantifiable data which reveal the management approach provided in every layer of service. We pride our self in providing details and perspective within how your contracts are being serviced that most consultant groups have yet to place the appropriate measure of focus on. Service Assessments reveal what is often hidden in contracts and often go unnoticed without the appropriate level of experience and expertise within the market place. Innovative Vertical Consulting is not aligned with elevator contractors, we do not protect or cover truths in order to maintain acceptance within the market place, instead, our focus is to ensure that each elevator contractor honor each contract, and relationship with integrity.

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