Maintenance Consulting & Management

Maintenance Consulting & Management

Maintenance Consulting & Management

Maintenance Consulting and Management provides each Ownership/Management group with the necessary information, resources and guidance to most effectively manage the day-to-day service and management of their Vertical Transporation Devices and ensures that each elevator contractor has the necessary level of professional engagement to encourage and promote consistent and best practice methodology that is outlined in contractual documents, executed with a defined frequency within every level service and carried out with the highest level of integrity and empathy.


Accountability Assessment

Innovative Vertical Consulting believes accountability is an integral ideology present in great service providers. Accountability is noticed in every aspect of the contractor/ownership relationship and it is vital that this fundamental element to servicing each account be required, implemented, and maintained. The sense of accountability is somewhat spelled out or implied within the contractual language which theoretically bind and establish the boundaries and responsibilities of each party in the agreement between the building and the contractor; however, what we know from our expertise is that contracts do not include all of the ingredients necessary to properly manage each relationship, elevator, therefore maintaining the overall desired level of success of each Management Group. In our Accountability Assessment, we closely inspect daily interaction and handling of each account, from the management side dealing with contracts, pricing structures, documented good will concessions and more, to the service side, addressing timely completed repairs, the ability to properly and effectively remedy problems, the professionalism and detail of each route technician carried out on each jobsite, the daily interaction of how customer service is provided from returned calls, timely response of emails that show progression or resolve from one challenge to the next, the level of consistent engagement from the inner office and every phase of the business, and more. Professionalism and appropriate attentiveness to the details surrounding effectively managing each account is an attribute that is rarely expected, enforced, or mandated in the industry. In most cases the ideology of “it's all about the bottom line” is often how elevator contractors manage each contract. As companies grow and expand throughout the marketplace the approach to service becomes more disingenuous as these contractors grow so big their focus shifts to numbers and the value of how the numbers came to be is lost.


The Elevator Consultants’ Certified Inspectors inspect all forms of vertical transportation; elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters and man lifts. The third party inspections required by various states are performed as needed. Inspections can be for new equipment or modernized equipment, escalator step or skirt index testing. Both routine and periodic inspections are performed based on code requirements and the time elapsed since the building’s last inspection. We are qualified to perform various types of inspections, such as Third Party Inspections, Safety Inspections and Performance Inspections. These will allow the customer to evaluate the quality of the work carried out by your elevator contractor. In addition, these inspections will determine if the equipment functions flawlessly. If the elevators are malfunctioning, our company will advise the customer what improvements and repairs would be required. The City of Chicago AIC, (Annual Inspection Certification,) requires buildings located in the City of Chicago business district to have an annual inspection. The Elevator Consultants can conduct the AIC for your location.

Due Diligence

Innovative Vertica Consulting is focused on meeting each client where the immediate need is. We are aware that all scenarios and may not necessarily be a quick fix or typical course of action. We are also aware of the forever evolving world, new challenges, new obstacles directly and indirectly impact our business, the way we go about business, and it is essential that we lead the way for our clients in Innovative ways to seek out, develop, and test new solutions. As a building Owner with Vertical Transporation devices, the safety of your passengers and the ability to effectively manage your assets should never be something you think twice about. In consideration of Covid19 and the challenges we as Global Community are facing, Innovative Vertical Consulting are recommitting ourselves to bringing you the best value and most competitive pricing structure to aid through these changing times. Together we will design a customized plan that fit your needs and your budget.

Customized Consulting

Innovative Vertical Consultants help the Building Owner or Property Manager effectively manage their Elevator Contractors. It is our goal to help limit your risk, reduce your liability and improve your bottom line within each calendar year. Innovative Vertical Consultants will work tirelessly to ensure each contractor not only honor the contractual obligations, but also make your building a priority. We will work to guarantee fair cost in every segment of the service they provide, including limited yearly price increases, competitive labor rates, a defined frequency of maintenance hours, and agreed to gross profit margins on items not covered in your agreement. Innovative Vertical Consultants have expertise and experience in every aspect of the industry which equipment us to manage your vertical Transporation devices, ensure your contracts are fair, and guide our clients through the day-to-day operations.