Here at Innovative Vertical Consulting, we’re driven by results. At the end of the day, our focus is on ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients across our wide range of services. To learn more about what we do, view our services down below.

General Consulting

General Elevator Consulting usually includes but is not limited to New Construction, Service or Repair, Modernization, Contract Review, Invoice Dispute, or other Elevator Management needs. The service offerings provided below typically meet the needs of most of our clients and are comparable to the best practice services within the Vertical Transporation Consulting market place. Please review the service options below and contact us to schedule a consultation.

  • Equipment Assessment
  • Service Assessment


Modernization of your Vertical Transportation Devices safe guard the liability, risk, and investment of a major capital expenditure, your Vertical Transporation. Modernizations return your device to optimum serviceability, reduce shut downs and repairs needed, enhance safety features and technology, bolster passenger confidence and protect the professional image of each building. Each Modernization implements the vision and expectation of each Owner within our approach of creating expectation of how the job is managed.

Open and closed elevator

Maintenance Consulting and Management

Maintenance Consulting and Management provides each Ownership/Management group with the necessary information, resources and guidance to most effectively manage the day-to-day service and management of their Vertical Transporation Devices and ensures that each elevator contractor has the necessary level of professional engagement to encourage and promote consistent and best practice methodology that is outlined in contractual documents, executed with a defined frequency within every level service and carried out with the highest level of integrity and empathy.

  • Accountability Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Inspection
  • Customized Consulting

Our Promise To You

At the end of the day, nothing is more important to us than ensuring that our clients are able to reduce their liability, improve their bottom line, and guarantee a safe and seamless elevator system that allows them to make the most out of their building experience.

We work to guarantee a fair cost in every service that you seek, and we provide support, knowledge, and insight into the decisions that you make, so that you can limit risk and ensure success.

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Get In Touch With Us

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Through our Twenty Plus years of service we have accumulated a high level of expertise, an ongoing commitment to improve our services and approach and a dedication to serve our clients.

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